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Domus is a Corfiot shop, that choose for you the most special decorative pieces for your place from all over the world... A company of Corfiot interests, which collects objects, with the basic idea of promoting and presenting Greek handicrafts. Both in utilitarian and decorative objects. Spending a lot of time in the process of collecting special and elegant small items, the owner gives you the opportunity to choose between a variety of decorative and useful proposals, in a warm, accessible space that respects the visitor and the traditional Corfiot architecture.


42 Agiou Vasiliou str.
Corfu, 491 00


2661 047768

About Domus shopby Elena Varotsi – Owner

Handmade lighting manufacturing workshop

Domus Shop Lighting is a workshop of friends, which has been manufacturing lighting fixtures from wood and metal since 2002.

Handmade lamps inspired by earthly forms found in nature.

We offer handmade lighting and special constructions. Each piece is created in our workshop, to order by our family for 20 years.

We can customize your lamp to your needs or even create a bespoke design.

Wood from the sea is also a separate category
This makes each of our lamps as unique as the people who make them.
For us it's not just a trip to the sea, each driftwood is extremely different, creating quality lamps sculpted with harmonious materials.
A walk by the sea is the most ideal way to get inspiration for the next lamps that will decorate your home. With the salt, the waves and having spent a whole winter the woods that exist on the coast have been eroded and are the best for constructions. The saltiness has given them a "sweeter" round appearance and a softer texture ideal for creating.

We offer you ready-made creations and we are ready to design your proposal with driftwood making wonderful structures.